Marketing For Travel Agents

Global   Travel   Industry 

Globally the  travel   industry  is worth over £100bn and this is growing as the developing world starts to  travel  more.

The UK however has seen a slow down in the travel sector due to the effects of the recession people are choosing to cut back on their holidays. In the boom times people were taking holidays 1-2 times per year, this has gone down to 1 or maybe none (a stay at home holiday or holiday in the UK). People do not have as much disposable income to spend as they once did, and as living costs are going up this is a trend that the  travel   industry  is trying to adapt to.

Another factor that complicates things is that the cost of travel is going up, as fuel costs rise, food costs in hotels and wages in foreign countries rise the overall cost of cheap package holiday’s on average is higher now than 5 years ago.

The result is that consumers are more price orientated rather than destination orientated, opting for a cheap holiday in the sun anywhere rather than locations that make profit for the tour guide.

National  Travel   Industry 

The UK is one of the most expensive places to holiday, with fuel costs, VAT, food costs, drinks and day excursions, many people still opt for overseas package holidays.

However, the UK is investing into themed holidays, similar to Butlins from the 1970’s spa breaks and resort holiday’s closer to home are becoming more popular with busy families that cannot take more than a week off together at a time. Resort holiday’s offer full activity facilities (such as golf, horse riding, childcare, tennis, swimming etc.) to families making the UK a alternative option to going abroad.

Competition In The  Travel   Industry 

The holiday  industry  is notorious for competition, ranging from freelance  travel  agents, holiday websites and the traditional travel agent.

As more companies start up, the industry is only becoming more and more competitive causing companies to reduce their profit margins to meet sales figures.

Marketing For Holiday Companies

The internet is the primary tool that is used now as most people prefer looking at holiday destinations from the comfort of their home rather than going into town on a Saturday to go round the various holiday shops collecting brochures on the way.

With this in mind, most holiday companies use their websites (that now have good quality pictures of holiday destinations or multi media files) to attract customers using internet marketing, paid advertising (PPC) and social media channels.

TV advertising is still used in marketing for travel agents mainly to reinforce their brand name; however the web based companies (and freelancers) do opt for the internet.

Most holiday companies find that the traditional forms of marketing (such as TV advertising, magazine advertising) is quite expensive and only helps ‘sow the seed’ of a holiday – there is the danger that people will go to a competitor after seeing the advert. This is why the internet is more more efficient, as the advert/website will draw holiday makers onto the website and hopefully they will select and pay for their trip there and then within minutes.

One popular kind of marketing for travel businesses is ‘re-marketing’. This is where a travel business will continue to market their holiday’s to existing customers, in the hope that they will come back and re-book their next holiday (rather than shopping around or going elsewhere). Bringing on old holiday clients is much cheaper than bringing on new ones.

The key tool for any travel company is the website, in today’s world, a website is essential and 90% of holiday makers will view and book their holiday’s via a website. Coupled into internet advertising, SEO and paid advertising (PPC) the internet is the essential marketing tool for any travel company in 2012.

Environmental Issues Affecting the Travel Industry

Protecting the environment is now one of the most talked-about and hotly-debated topics across the globe. Many companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to create products or make their products environmentally friendly. An example is the electric car that is being looked at as a viable option to that of the present gasoline powered car. In 2009 world leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss ways in which they can prevent global warming and reduce on the effects of climate change, in effect protecting the environment. The travel industry too has not been left out of this issue. In an industry where the number of people engaged in international travel has been predicted to reach the billion mark in 2010, there is concern about its contribution to the damage done to the environment. Also like every other industry the travel industry needs to be concerned about ways of doing business that are environmentally friendly. Outlined below are some of the environmental issues affecting the travel industry which stakeholders need to address and in some cases seek out long term solutions.

1. Aviation which ferries hundreds of thousands of tourists across the globe is of great concern to those seeking to protect the environment. A major concern for the industry is greenhouse gas emissions and their implication for climate change. Aviation produces at least two percent of emissions. One way the aviation industry is working on this problem is by rolling out newer planes that have fuel efficient engines which means less carbon emissions. However not all airlines especially in the poorer countries can afford buying new aircraft.

2. Mass tourism. With the cost of travel becoming cheaper and more and more people venturing further away from their countries to places that were previously inaccessible but can now be reached because of air transport, areas of environmental and historical significance are becoming crowded. This is putting pressure on ecosystems within these areas and threatening the flora and fauna. Also climate change is going to mean that certain places will not favour visitors because of weather conditions becoming extreme which will lead to overcrowding in other places with more favourable weather conditions. Again this presents a danger to the ecosystems in the overcrowded areas and to the tourism of the area.

3. Deforestation. In spite of the worldwide call to protect the environment there are still areas where massive logging is taking place. This is also contributing to destruction of flora and fauna and is a threat to the tourism in those areas.

4. With the call to go green affecting all industries across the globe the tourism industry has not been left out. There is pressure on those who are in the industry to find methods of doing business that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example can the hotel industry build hotels that are more environmentally friendly? What methods can they use to conserve energy and reduce on chemicals that are used in the dry cleaning of tons of laundry used in the industry?

5. Human encroachment. With populations continuing to grow worldwide there is now competition between man and animals for space. Humans are now encroaching on areas like National Parks that are protected and marked for wildlife. This has led to reports of people and their livestock being killed by wild animals which in turn leads to people hunting and killing these animals that are considered to be a threat. This is a threat to the tourism of the area. Human encroachment is also forcing animals to move away from their habitat to other areas where they cannot survive leading to the extinction of certain species.

See What the Travel Agents See!

The   travel   Industry  is a multibillion dollar Industry and is

growing significantly each year. In the past the Travel Suppliers would sell their travel packages to the travel agency and the travel agency would sell the package

directly to the public. This is changing!

Because of the Internet and the positive response to the Internet by Travel consumers, Travel Suppliers are now placing their products online for ALL to see. Many  Travel  suppliers have set up their own web sites, however, hundreds of  Travel  Suppliers, Consolidators and  Travel  Wholesalers have teamed up with  Travel   Industry  Trade Associations. For example OSSN (Outside Sales Support Network) is the #1  Travel   Industry  Trade Association representing and supporting the Home Based  Travel  Agency, Independent Contractor Seller of Travel and the Outside Sales Travel Agent. There are over 100,000 members in OSSN.

Because of this vast number of outside travel agents — Travel suppliers overwhelm our in baskets with travel deals. Most agents select a particular region, destination or type of travel like Honeymoons, Cruises Gulf trips, Skiing or what ever area they feel comfortable with. When a new Travel supplier is introduced to the membership, members often discuss their product on the private members only message board. The Travel Agents then present these great travel deals to their client

database and the rest of the consumers are left searching for these true yet unbelievable travel deals. (If you want to see a sample of what I am talking about, find the “catch all” fax machine at your work place. Ask about the Travel Faxes that come in? Because faxing unsolicited information is a no, no, you may not see the real deals on a consistent bases)

Travel consumers can view an e-vacation catalog without having

to speak with a travel agent. Not only can you read and see what

travel agents see, you can view videos, online, of your selected destinations.

Travel Suppliers have come a long way. Go to the

site and click on Vacation Catalog to see what the Travel Agents see.

Some Travel Agencies markup the Travel Tours if possible, others will only charge you the price that the Travel Supplier is charging them! There is much debate about how to expose the public to these great travel deals. There is also, it appears, to be a silent push from the US State Department for US citizens to travel in groups when traveling aboard. Well the Travel Suppliers, got the unspoken message. The group tour deals are unheard of and the individual, select a date, vacation packages

are extremely affordable.

Find Travel Jobs by Heading in the Right Direction

There are many job options within the   travel   industry . You could work for a cruise line, become a travel agent, start your own online travel agency, or begin a specialty agency such as an adventure travel agency. The opportunities are endless. But, you must know where to find them.

Searching the internet takes skill. If you type “travel jobs” into Google, you’ll receive thousands of job listings. The key to looking for travel jobs is to be specific. What job are you looking for? If you want to work on a cruise ship then search for “cruise ship jobs, jobs on cruise ships, or cruise line jobs.” To get more specific, type in the cruise line you would like to work for such as Carnival, Norwegian, Princess, or Disney.

The most popular of all travel jobs, besides travel writing, is travel consulting. Share your passion for travel with others. No one will be able to resist your enthusiasm for Caribbean travel. Remember, people often buy on emotion. If you’re love of beaches and hot weather comes through, you can score major sales.

Freelancing Websites

Check out the following websites for travel writing jobs. If you have other skills such as graphic design or photography, make sure you mention them.

   1. Freelance Job Openings.  Offers a listing of writing, graphic design, and other freelance jobs.

   2. Craigslist.  There are many ways to search on Craigslist. Search your desired location or post a resume and ad within your chosen location. If you love working from home, peruse other markets. You never know what opportunities are available in other parts of the world.

Set yourself a part from others who are applying for travel jobs. Show what you can do for an organization. If you would like to be a tour guide — ask yourself some questions:  do you have people skills?  are you organized? do you handle conflict well? Ask these questions before applying for a job as a tour guide. You may enjoy London, but taking people on a tour of the city is another thing.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, create a video resume. Some travel jobs still require a formal resume, but you can provide a link to your video resume. Check out YouTube for some ideas. If you are not comfortable shooting your own video, find a professional to shoot your resume or ask your “techie” friend to help you out. It’s a win-win situation; you get a video resume and your friend gets a portfolio piece.

 Travel  writers can learn a lot about the  travel   industry  by working in it.  There are many travel jobs available. You will learn “industry secrets” that other writers will not know. Also, you can network with many people. The more people that know your name, the better your chances improve for finding travel writing jobs. Start your job search today – tomorrow show people around Lisbon.

Why Globe Travel Network – And Why NOW?

GTN, or Globe Travel Network, is a travel club or membership network that provides access to luxury resorts around the globe, with all amenities, at a HUGE discount.

My wife and I have been involved in the   travel   industry  for many years and are quite familiar with the type of resorts available to Globe  Travel  Network members. Many of the same resorts that GTN members have access to we’ve been marketing retail for the past 10 years.

Most of the resorts are timeshare properties.

Timeshares have become quite popular because people WANT to travel and want to stay in nice places, places more like home, with a full kitchen and living area separate from the bedroom.

The problem with timeshares are the cost. It is simply NOT a cost-effective way to vacation. Not only do you have the initial cost of the timeshare, but every month for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, to perpetuity, you have to pay maintenance fees and property taxes.

With Globe Travel Network you simply pay a membership fee of $199 to access our wholesale priced inventory.

But why is Globe Travel Network a solid choice for building a lucrative home business? Because…

In ANY economy, even the worst of economic times, people STILL want to travel. Vacations refresh us, they rejuvenate our minds and energy. They restore our sanity. Vacations create the memories that life is made of.

It is for this reason that  travel  is estimated to be an $8 to $11 BILLION  industry . In an industry THAT big getting even a small piece of the pie can be HUGE.

Added to the size of the industry is the fact that your prime market is the largest market on the planet, baby boomers.

The baby boomer market is so large that just in North America alone a baby boomer retires every 10 seconds. And what do people want to do when they retire? Travel. Just ask someone you know who is about to retire what they look forward to doing after they retire. 90 out of 100 will say; “Travel”.

But these baby boomers are also savvy about their finances. They want the best DEAL on travel they can get. A Globe Travel Network membership offers them EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Additionally, many of these baby boomers would love to have an effective way to supplement their income. The lucrative business opportunity associated with Globe Travel Network, again, offers them EXACTLY what they are looking for.

There’s much more you will want to know about Globe Travel Network. You can learn more about GTN here.

Paid to Travel? Can You Really Get Paid to Travel (or for Free?)

Traveling… ahh yes, doesn’t EVERYONE LOVE TO TRAVEL? Well, I know, I know… the pains of connecting flights, delays, cancellations, dragging luggage a mile across terminals… the hassle of renting cars, fighting traffic in a foreign country (and figuring out which side of the road to drive) and trying to figure out what the guy is telling you when all’s you asked was “where is the bathroom?”… Aside from all of that, is it not the greatest feeling when you can step away from the normal routine, take a few deep breaths and realize you have nothing to do but sit on the beach… your hardest decision is if you’re going to have steak or lobster that night… and your biggest worry is if you have enough sun screen? That’s what traveling is all about… when it transposes us from our everyday lives and places us in a completely new culture… seeing, breathing, eating and dancing to what people 10,000 miles away from you are doing and thinking to yourself “this is the kind of stuff you see on TV”. That’s when it’s all worth it… that’s why traveling is so amazing.

But, one of – if not “THE” – biggest obstacles in traveling is that little green piece (or many pieces) of paper called MONEY. Whether you’re trying to visit a friend in Dallas or take your wife to Bora-Bora, it all costs Money-and a lot of it. The days of those Southwest “$49.00” fares are long gone and even the little weekend getaways whack a dent in your pocket book. There are definitely ways to shave off a few dollars here and there, but no matter how you slice it, traveling is expensive. Not everyone has a cush, 6 or 7 figure salary that allows them to take off 6 day weekends or weeks at a time to party in Ibiza. So, is there really a way to travel-and I mean really travel-and either get paid or travel for “free”??

The   travel   industry  is an $8 TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Yes, you read that right… that’s Trillion with a capital “T”. So, other than the hotels, airlines and luggage manufacturers, how can you get involved?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can earn a living, traveling across the world:

Flight Attendant: This is actually a great way to visit a LOT of places-FAST. The average flight attendant makes $37,000.00 a year, with the higher level salaries hovering in the $75,000.00-$90,000.00 range. It’s definitely an advantage if you know more than one (1) language. Flight attendants receive a daily per Diem for meals, along with flexible work schedules, discounts on flights, hotels and travel expenses for vacation. The downside is that when you are working, the flight schedule can be grueling-traveling to multiple cities in a 12, 18 or 24 hour time frame. When you finally stop to rest, the urge to go sight-seeing or check out the city, is traded out with the simple need to sleep in a bed. Oh yea, I forgot to mention… have you ever NOT seen a few angry, annoyed or upset people on your plane? Yep, be prepared to deal with those rude customers during your 12-24 hour shift!

Commercial Airline Pilot: Same deal with flight attendants, in terms of work schedule, but the pay is much better-depending on the size of the jet and company, you can be making $121,000.00 a year. If you want to go to flight school, pass your minimum 250 hours of flight experience, go for it! Just make sure you have perfect vision and hearing. Again, if you want to make this a career, you will visit cities all over the country (and the world), but be prepared to deal with thousands of customers, weather and equipment problems, grueling schedules and the stress that comes along with the responsibility of flying so many people to different places.

Travel Agent: As you may already know, travel agents know all about the best places to visit. They are the middle men between the hotels, airlines, tourism bureaus and the travelers. More than likely, they have an opportunity to visit some of these places so they can see everything for themselves-that’s a pretty sweet perk, eh? Typical salaries are anywhere from $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 and most likely be required to enroll in some sort of training, typically with the Travel Institute.

Freelance Writer or Photographer: What a cool job this would be… traveling all over the world… spending your time with various cultures, observing how the people communicate, eat, sleep and worship. You truly are “free”, relaying what you see and experience to the people sitting on their couch, thousands of miles away. Only catch… well, it’s that one thing we talked about a little earlier: MONEY. Obviously, you are not going to get paid before you get to these places, so be sure to plan this out a little bit, stock up some green in your checking account and pick up some pointers on how to express yourself with the pen & paper or with the camera. Try to develop some sort of “following” so you have a good base of people reading and viewing your content. Do not try to fly to India with a thousand bucks and an iPad, expecting to start a travel blog that generates cash, allowing you to wander the world for the next few years. You might as well go to your nearest casino and play blackjack. If you can pull of this occupation (and to those that currently do this), I tip my hat to you-great work!

Okay, now that we have gone over a few of the travel “jobs”, you may be saying, “well, I like my job right now and don’t really feel like dealing with all of those people and flying across the country 6 times, only to sleep in Des Moines for the night.” If you’re in between jobs, just out of school or simply want to take a “sabbatical”, why don’t you consider these routes in traveling the world:

You Speak English?: Speaking English can provide access to countries in all places across the globe. Some companies offer free room & board in exchange for you to help their employees enhance their English speaking skills and knowledge. There are also programs you can find on the web that well set you up with a certain country and company in order to train their people English. Now that you have your room & board covered, now we just need to figure out how we can pay for food and drink…

Start Giving Back: Feeling charitable or want to help others? Why not look to jump on a church mission trip, Habitat for Humanity-International, or if you can take off more time, join the Peace Corps? Obviously, this is not going to be as glamorous as sailing the Mediterranean, island hoping the Greek Isles, but if you want to feel good about helping out people less fortunate-and work hard-pack your bags and sign up for a volunteer opportunity. You will definitely see some places without paved roads, running water and people simply looking for a roof over their head. Giving the less fortunate the simple things we take for granted: food, clothing and shelter, will give you new sense of gratitude, after completing one of these tours.

All of these ways to travel are great and all, but how many people have the opportunity to take off extended amounts of time or have the nerve to just walk away from their job and become a commercial pilot or join the Peace Corps? Everyone has a job because it pays the bills and gives us financial security. I don’t know about you, but I am responsible for my wife and three(3) children, thus taking the plunge on the “unknown” is absolutely NOT realistic.

So, back to the original question above… How can you realistically travel for free? And when I say, “travel”, I mean, really travel… That means taking a care-free vacation… not having to worry about if you can afford to leave the resort for dinner that night, or buy those extra pair of sunglasses… Care-free travel means doing what you want, when you want and not worrying about the bill when you get back home. Let’s break down a few ways in which we really can travel for free (or as close to it as we can get)… or even better: GET PAID TO TRAVEL!

Use Those Points!: You know, I always knew I was going to be thankful for all that money I spent on my credit card. Now that I racked up all that debt, I also racked up all those points! Points I can use towards booking a new flight or maybe pay for my stay at the Bellagio in Vegas… where I can blow even more money!… I’m kidding!… kind of. Whenever you are looking to obtain a new credit card, choose the card that offers the most, when used. Compare the interest rate for charges and cash advances, the annual fees and also the credit card that provides the best rewards. If you fly a certain airline, be sure to input your frequent flyer number to gather those miles. Use travel sites that allow you to accrue points when you purchase flights, hotels, cruises and rental cars. You’re paying for this stuff anyways, so why not try and earn a little more for the next time you want to take a trip?

Vacation Packages through a Resort or Company: Very similar to a travel agent, only you are selling pre-packaged vacations at a discount to consumers. Instead of creating a customized travel package based on what and where the customer likes, you are selling a pre-packaged stay at a specific resort or hotel/resort/meal itinerary. They come in all shapes and sizes… and they can be dirt cheap (think: hotel next to Senor Frogs-Cancun during Spring Break), or the Rolls Royce type of trip. Depending on the type of company or resort, there are many perks with the access to all of their locations, with commission schedules pretty generous. There are limitations on the demographic of the clientele and if you are representative a company or resort with mediocre selections-and reviews-then it may put you in a rock in a hard place.

Direct Selling with a Travel Company: With this, you really do have the opportunity for the best of both worlds-traveling the world on the cheap (or in some cases, for FREE!) and making money. Typically, people that get involved in this  industry  already have a full time job and are looking for a better, cheaper way to  travel  and an additional source of income. It can be extremely lucrative, in terms of creating wealth and a residual income, but a lot of the members simply take advantage of the fact they can generate a few extra dollars every month and access to the premium resorts at wholesale pricing. The direct-sell companies in the  travel   industry  offer 5 star packaged vacations at 2 Star pricing, as well as access to their trip planning website that works like an Expedia or Travelocity. Also, confirm there are ways you can accrue points, when you buy flights, vacations, or even their travel mall, so you can use those points for a free trip. Bottom line: do your research… choose a company that has a great reputation and make sure you have a good support system… thousands of people are catching on to these companies and are really capitalizing on the residual income and extremely low cost of travel.

As you can see, traveling for “free” is really only for professional poker players and the kids with enormous trust funds. You are going to have to work one way or another-whether it’s building up a stockpile of cash and funding an overseas trip or jumping into a new occupation on a plane or abroad. There are multiple ways you can get paid to travel, as well as minimizing your travel costs through various companies and resources… it’s all a matter of preference on what you want to do and how much time you have. Traveling can be a life changing experience or simply a much needed time-out from our crazy lives. Whatever you choose, just make sure to not take it too seriously and enjoy yourself!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

-Steve Jobs

Eco-Friendly Travel

According to research from the Green Hotel Association, an organization in Texas that promotes ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry, 43 million U.S. travelers say they are concerned about the environment. As a result the   travel   industry  is making an effort to promote green initiatives. In today’s travel environment it is not difficult for consumers to be more eco-friendly.

Car rental companies Hertz, Budget and Avis are adding more fuel-efficient cars to their fleet, and many limo companies use hybrid vehicles. Hertz promotes it has nearly 35,000 in its Green Collection fleet. While 100% of Budget rental vehicles in economy, compact and intermediate categories, and 98% of standard and full-size car classes have met stringent U.S. EPA guidelines and are SmartWay Certified. Each vehicle receives an Air Pollution Score and a Greenhouse Gas Score, on a scale of 1-10. For the SmartWay designation, a vehicle must receive a 6 or better on both scores, and have a total score of at least 13. At Avis approximately half the fleet have a fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles per gallon or better (highway). One-fourth of the fleet is rated at 30 miles per gallon (highway) or better.

The Fairmont Hotel chain offers in-room information, recycling bins, optional sheet and towel replacement at select locations, energy-efficient lighting, and water-conserving showerheads, toilets and tap aerators. Their eco-cuisine menus incorporate local, seasonal and organically grown foods wherever possible. Special menus for Eco-Meet can also include a 50-percent reduction in animal proteins, supplemented by vegetable proteins at meal functions. Select Fairmont hotels and resorts have their own herb gardens or the ability to adjust their cuisine to utilize seasonings locally grown featuring dishes using those ingredients. The emphasis is on healthy, environmentally friendly and delicious food.

Aloft Hotels, a member of the Starwood Hotel collection, opened their first location in Canada in 2008 and now have 38 locations around the world offering a unique hotel experience. Aloft is really about the self-sufficient traveler who has a lot of energy, a positive vibe and certainly tech-savvy design focused.

The experience at their location in Lexington, Massachusetts begins upon arrival, with park-like landscaping that offers the chance for a breath of fresh air. Premium parking spots are allocated for hybrid cars to reward the most eco-minded guests. Guest rooms contain natural materials like cork and sustainable wood veneers which are integrated into the hotel’s design. Their pools even use a cleaner, greener saline solution.

Australia’s award winning resort located just 45 mins north of Cairns, and just south of Port Douglas, Thala Beach Lodge resides on the only private beach in the area. It provides the perfect location to explore the Great Barrier Reef, private coastal beaches and tropical rainforest, with individual private bungalows that are set overlooking the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, World Heritage listed rainforest and lush tropical beaches.

At a time when there are great concerns about fragile environments, Thala Beach Lodge proudly boasts that it has achieved the highest accreditation of eco certification through its sustainable practice and environmental sensitivity.

Located at one of the most fascinating Mexican biological reserves, nestled on a 3 mile virgin beach is the Hotel Eco Paraiso which features bungalows each overlooking the emerald green Gulf of Mexico.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico is a main feeding area for the Pink Flamingo and countless species of waterfowl and shore birds. It was decreed a Special Biosphere Reserve in 1989. By definition, this is a zone of one or more ecosystems that haven’t been altered by man.

At Buck Island Reef National Monument, the reef surrounding was named America’s first-ever underwater national monument in 1961 which, naturally, has resulted in an ecosystem so thriving and well-preserved that 30,000 visitors a year flock to see it, making it the single most popular attraction on St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Eco-friendly vacations are numerous and if you are willing to adjust your vacation travel dates, you are among the 61 percent of Americans who in order to save money are willing to travel during “off peak” periods when the prices may be more favorable. This trend seems to transcend all age categories. While weather conditions may not be perfect, the savings travelers may realize by traveling in the off season can represent a valuable sum.

4 Tips to Get Started in Travel Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing tools, with companies in almost every industry using it to drive traffic to their websites and ultimately turn prospective buyers into actual customers. The travel industry is no different and can also benefit from the support of a great content marketing campaign. The methods of curating content are essentially the same, but there are a few tips travel industry marketing experts will want to follow in order to get the most out of their content.

Paint Pictures with Words – When it comes to marketing to travelers it is all about painting a picture. You want readers to have an image that they can match to their dreams of travel in far off places. Content that provides visual imagery will leave people wanting more.

Engage with Readers – The only thing travelers like more than visual imagery is being able to find out everything they can about a destination they wish to travel to. Your content should encourage ongoing engagement with readers so that they feel as though they have a go-to for all of the information they want and need regarding their travel plans.

Distribute in the Right Places – It’s not enough just to create great travel-related content, it’s important to distribute it right as well. Learn about your readers and know what social networks and websites they are going to for travel content and make sure your content is in those places.

Utilize User-Generated Content – The content you use to inspire your readers doesn’t necessarily always have to be your own. Over 90 percent of individuals preparing to travel seek out information from other travelers online. Incorporating other peoples’ stories into your own travel-related content can increase your conversion rates considerably.

Don’t wait until everybody else is already utilizing it to start using content marketing in your travel industry business. Give travelers what they want now and before you know it you will be engaging with your readers and turning them into lifelong customers.

Travel Translations

A destination country will make itself more appealing if it provides multi-lingua information in their promotional brochures and websites. This is where specialised travel translation services comes into the picture.   Travel  translation is a translation service provided specifically for the tourism  industry .

Who Needs Travel Translations?

The tourism industry comprises of many different entities such as tourist boards, hotel booking websites, airline websites, hotels, hostels, high class restaurants, cruises, government tourism departments, transportation providers, guided tour companies and many more. All these service providers will need to have their promotional messages translated into a target language before they can woo the foreign visitors. With almost all information within the reach of the internet, it is even more important for these services to have professionally translated content on their website to cater to foreign visitors.  Travel  translation services are able to help the tourism  industry  in providing the most accurate writing style for attracting potential visitors.

Translation Mistakes

Many hotel and restaurants spend years to build up their reputation, but a bad translation will ruin it in just a few days. A room service menu in a Guangzhou China listed one of their desserts as “Chocolate Puke”. I doubt many will order that. Another dish that should be correctly translated as “Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken”, but it was printed as “Chicken Rude and Unreasonable”. Perhaps it might be wise for the chef to teach the chicken some manners? One of the Chinese restaurants in Atlanta also stated on their menu “Sweat & Sour Chicken”. The lesson here is always to find a reputable translation company that has years of experience in providing these services to the tourism industry.

The Travel Translation Process

When a hotel manager hires the professional translation company to translate a brochure from English to Spanish, the project manager will first look at the linguist database to select the potential Spanish translators. After that, the manager will choose the Spanish translator who has qualifications in marketing or has extensive working experience in the tourism industry. It is quite common to have native tour guides who are also qualified as professional translators. This selection process ensures that the text is translated with the client’s needs in mind. After the first few stages of the travel translation process, the text will finally be proofread by another translator. This is to ensure there are no errors before delivering back to the customer.


All in all,  travel  translations should be the first choice for any service providers within the tourism  industry . Professional travel translations will not only ensure accurate translation into the target language, but also make certain that the translated message is also carried across to the readers.

Professional Travel Agent – 8 Benefits of Utilizing Their Knowledge

Travel Agents have been helping travelers plan their vacations and trips for decades. The brick and mortar agencies are still going strong and many times beating the prices of online competition.

Now that almost every home in America has a computer and internet access, many people are trying to do it all by themselves when planning a vacation thinking they’ll get the best deal. For an international trip, the typical person will spend many, many valuable hours online doing research and making reservations if they do it alone. Why not just go to a Travel Agent? Contacting a knowledgeable individual can save you time and money. That’s what they are for.

Here are some of the many benefits of using a Professional Travel Agent.

Your time is valuable. Instead of spending your precious time searching the internet, going from website to website, comparing prices, itineraries, hotels and destinations, you can make just one call and have a Travel Agent do all the planning.

Service. There is something to be said for good, old-fashioned, person to person service. This is an attribute you will not experience with an online booking engine. Travel Agents are happy to help you with your travel arrangements including inception of ideas and thorough planning. Plus they are available for the duration of your trip, upon your arrival home and for all future travel. The personalized service you receive provides peace-of-mind whether you purchase an air ticket or an entire travel package. A travel agent is ready to answer any and all questions.

Knowledge. Travel Agents have the most up-to-date information about specials, promotions and rates. Because they are the professionals in the industry, they are notified first of all current special rates and promotions stemming from airlines to tour companies to hotel deals. Many agencies who have weathered years of ups and downs in the   travel   industry  have also built excellent relationships along the way. More times than not, they can provide better rates than what can be found online due to wholesale status and working with airline consolidators.

Specialized. More and more Travel Agents are becoming specialized in a specific geographic region or type of travel through study and hands on travel experience. This means that if you are traveling to Australia, for example, and want assistance from someone who really knows the country by the best places to visit, climate, exchange rates, cuisine, clothing to pack and the inside scoop to the best deals, utilizing a Travel Agent is a great resource. They often have personal travel experience and the experience of all their clients who have booked their trips with them. Plus the accumulative travel knowledge of their fellow agents giving you real information about how a hotel may suit your needs or a great tour guide that would jive with your travel style. It’s specialty information only a real, live human can provide when you are booking your trip.

One-Stop Shopping. With a Travel Agent you can book all your reservations and services in one place. Travel Agents can book everything from airfare to car rentals, to tours and show tickets. This also means you only have to give your personal information, like credit card details to one business.

Someone to call in case of an emergency. If you should have some type of a glitch or emergency while abroad, trying to get through to an actual person at an airline or online agency can be practically impossible and completely time consuming. It can be reassuring knowing that you have someone you can call in case of an emergency.

Unique Travel Itineraries. Travel Agents can help put together a trip and itinerary based on your interests. Tell a Travel Agent what you like to do during vacation, how active you want to be and your budget, and she will give you suggestions based on that information. This usually results in a more enjoyable vacation developed just for you instead of following an itinerary suggested by a friend or family. Just because your friend enjoyed a specific tour doesn’t necessarily mean that you will.

First Hand Hotel Information. Most Travel Agents have up-to-date information on hotels that are under construction or being refurbished. You do not want to arrive at your hotel, only to find that the reason why you got such a great deal is because they are in the middle of construction on the pool.

To book your international vacation of a lifetime, contact a Travel Agent today, or visit us on the web.